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This week I answered a question I get asked all the time!

“How do I build an audience online?”

After being asked this question so much I thought it was time to share a few quick tips to help you build your online audience!

You can also access the ‘Building your online community’ free masterclass in the free resources centre by clicking here.

So let’s jump in,

1. Start a Facebook Community Group

What you really need to focus on here is the value, the value you are giving out and what people need. I recommend asking questions when people join your group asking what they need help with and how you can help them and collect this information on a spreadsheet somewhere as you can then begin to create content that talks directly to your dream clients! If you go to the masterclass I mentioned above, I talk through ways to direct traffic to your group.

2. Go Live or do video

People really do want to connect with you, and there is no better way to connect that by going live or by doing video. If you are struggling for what to say or what to talk about then go back to your questions and pick a subject from that list!

3. Build your email list

All digital marketing experts say that the money is in the list! You can keep your subscribers updated with what is going on with you, what free offers and value you are putting out there and how you can help them further.

4. Do Interviews

There are tons of podcasts, blogs and youtube channels crying out for women to interveiw in their media! The great thing about interviews is that they are constantly being accessed and downloaded and so it never gets old!

We have a directory in the membership that you can access! You have a short version in the free resources centre here

And you can access the full media directory in the VIP Members platform, which you can find information on by clicking here

Round up:

1. Start a Facebook Community Group

2. Go Live

3. Build your email list

4.Do Interviews 

Remember, you’ve got this!

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Have an amazing day!

Rebecca x