Achieve EVERYTHING you have ever wanted in your life right now

Imagine, waking up every morning and having everything you have always

dreamt of…

Truly believe in yourself and your abilities

Get out of your own way and breakthrough

Become part of a commuity of women who ALL get you!

“Beauty begins once you

step outside of your comfort zone”



Lady, are you ready to release the fear you are living in and have a successful

life & business?



Do you know you want more?

“I procrastinate sooo much…”


“I am just not good enough to have a business…”


“I never have enough time…”


“I need more paying clients…”


These are just a few of my clients struggles, set backs and challenges


I said the same thing to all of them;


Imagine creating the mindset to succeed, the tools and techniques you require

to motivate yourself to take massive action EVERY DAY!!

To believe in yourself, believe in your abilities, have more confidence, have a

clearer mind and create the life you love and LIVE IT TO THE MAXXXX!!!!


Training within the membership includes:

  • Mindset work
  • Meditations & Affirmations
  • Understanding your dream clients
  • Attracting your dream clients
  • Sales Invitations


   And so much more…..




I closed my last business Recoco Woman in August last year. At that time it was a


really difficult decision to make,


I was awarded with the Jacqueline Gold business award, business of the year


awards, Queen of Confidence awards and so many others too.


I was on the biggest growth accellerator in the world, talking to potential


investors who had been on the board of directors at large well known


companies. I was consistently being requested to deliver training and public


speaking workshops at events. I was even scouted to apply to go on Dragons




Things on the outside looked as though they were going amazingly well for me,


but on the inside I was deeply unhappy and felt as though I was not capable of


growing my business to the potential of my 5 year projection at £1million. I


didn’t even realise it at the time, but I was acting in accordance with the limiting


belief of not being good enough, which lead me to close the business.


A few months after closing the business I studied Neuro Linguistic


Programming & Coaching and realised that I had closed this business because I


didn’t have that belief in myself, I wasn’t stepping up to the person that I am


capable of being, I wasn’t being true to myself and I was allowing fear to control


the journey and the destination.


I was SCARED..


of success..


of failure..


of what other people thought..


of what my friends would say about me if I became too successful..


of my past..


I was constantly overwhelmed, compared myself to others, had low self esteem


and I was completely lost.


I was telling myself these stories on repeat to keep myself from stepping up and


allowing myself to become successful.




1. I am NEVER going to allow myself to give in to fear again

2. I have to help as MANY other women as possible to take MASSIVE action &

eliminate the fear & be their absolute beautifulist self 100%





To run successful businesses,

To embrace change in your lives,

To love the life you live,

To be happy in every day life,

To take massive action and truly be yourself,

To love yourself regardless of the journey you have been on,



In The Success Tribe there will be tons of resources available at your finger tips,


banks of knowledge, directory business listings of YOU where women will


naturally gravitate towards when looking for a new service from a business and life coach to a VA




It will help with;



Growing a business




Having more confidence



Creating your dream life



Overcoming anxiety and low moods




Setting up a website & social media




And so so much more..


Content will be released weekly to support you in your life and your business




and personal growth

If you already have a business or you are just thinking about setting up a business, or you know you want more from life but just do not yet know what path to take then this is FOR YOU!



Your business will grow in the direction of your dreams, achieve everything you


have ever wanted in your life right now and feel abundant in every day life


Imagine, waking up every morning and having everything you have always


dreamt of


Truly believe in yourself and your abilities


Have a mindset group coaching session EVERY MONTH to keep you on track,



Get out of your own way and breakthrough


Discover weekly lessons to grow your business, shift your mindset, eliminate


your fears


Live coaching scholarship given away once a month


Motivation right at your finger tips whenever you need it

Welcome to The Success Tribe!

I know there are tons of other businesses out there, this is why here at The

Success Tribe we are different.

I am Rebecca, I’m a motivational success coach for women who dream of having

an IMPACT in this world. Who want to feel FULFILLED, FEARLESS AND


I have a NO HIDING, NO BULLSHIT approach. I ONLY work with women who

are serious about taking MASSIVE ACTION and are ready to UPLEVEL!

Your playing small is not serving the world

hiding behind your computer hoping your success will just happen is not doing

you any favours

Allowing fear to control the destination is not bringing the clients you dream of

working with and this is where The Success Tribe comes in.

“Since becoming a member of The community my confidence has really grown. Rebecca is able to motivate, inspire and encourage you in equal measure and has made me realise that anything is possible if I set my mind to it.

“Since joining the community I’ve loved the motivational videos and tools which really help you focus on each aspect of your life you want to improve on.

I’ve become more aware that I can achieve what I want by believing in myself and not letting fear or excuses get in the way. Rebecca is a lovely down to earth lady and a pleasure to work with.”

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” —Arnold Schwarzenegger