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Her Success Tribe is an online platform for women who are ready to breakthrough to the next level of success in life and business! 

How would it feel to truly believe in yourself and your abilities,

Get out of your own way and


Become part of a community of women who ALL get you!?

Her Success Tribe membership was founded by Rebecca Lockwood.

Rebecca has featured in the inspiring book co-authored with 25 other global female entrepreneurs ’She Made it Happen’. She has won various business awards and is a highly sought after motivational speaker and coach.




→ I don’t even know where to start in my business


 Please can you magic me more hours in the day…?


→ I just don’t always feel good enough to be successful and live my dream…


→ How do I build an online presence to sell my product when I have no budget to invest in ads?


→  I just cannot stay motivated in my business


If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Our community of female entrepreneurs purpose is to help you get from where you are now, to doing what you love with as much support as possible!

“I knew I had money blocks, I just couldn’t get past it. After working with Rebecca, she helped me see I was completely under valuing myself not charging my worth. I increased my prices by over 100% immediately and booked 8 new clients within 8 weeks! Thank you, Rebecca, for making me realise my true potential.” – Jen, Peak Performance Coach.

“Before finding Rebecca I was very unsure where my business and to be honest my life, was going! I focused on where I was lacking and always felt as though I needed to find the next thing, I needed some direction and clarity. I have owned a beauty salon for 20 years and there have been many changes over the years, with this I lost my way and through working with Rebecca I’ve began to see clearly what I truly want and where I am going.  I no longer feel the anxious feeling around money, and feel so much more relaxed about my income. I have gained more confidence, clarity, and I’ve taken massive action on achieving my goals on every level.” – Sarah, Beauty Salon Owner

Are you ready to build the confidence to increase your pricing?

Are you ready to step up into your next level of success?

Are you ready to build the life you dream of?

Then join me and the other amazing women in the community and step up into your success now!


You can access it all right now FREE for the next 7 days!



I hear you, “Whats in there…?”

Monthly Masterclasses with Guest Experts

Each month we have new masterclasses to support you with what you need in your business! Best thing is, they are all created from the feedback we get from you!

Monthly Goal Setting & Accountability

Work with the top coaches & get clear on what you want to achieve each month. Work with other women make sure you are on track to hitting your targets & goals!

Be part of the Global Community

Connect with women across the globe to network, get support in your business and motivate one another!

21 Day Challenge

Join the 21 day challenge delivered straight to you with workbooks, pdf’s and other tools to help you keep on track! 

Media Directory

Access the full media directory, a directory of podcasts, blogs and youtube channels that are actively looking for new members!

Worksheets, PDF Printables & More

All of the resources are available for you to access at all times, so whatever challenges you are facing at any time there is something available to support you on your journey!



Access all of the training & other AMAZING resources too today with a 7 day free trial! 

Ok, so let’s break this down:


Masterclasses = $499

Monthly Group Coaching = $249

Global Community & Support = Priceless

21 Day Challenge = $147

Media Directory = $99

Monthly Events = $49

All the other resources = $499 +



We are serious about success!



1:1 Coaching session  = $349




Get access to THE FULL MEMBERSHIP now for ONLY $30 Per month! 

What do our members say?

Don’t just take it from me, hear from our amazing members!

“Her success tribe has provided epic value on building an online community that I have used and will use in building my online community.  
Not only has it provided value on that and other things, it has helped me with the fear of going live and being visible. 
The community of ladies are inspirational and very supportive!” – Lucy, Personal Development Coach

“I love being part of the community, all the content provided in the form of workbooks and live videos weekly as well as the more in depth training and group coaching is incredible. 
Well worth the price, it’s helped me learn so much – grow my business, attract my dream clients as well as keeping me motivated. I love it!” – Angela, Coach


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to commit for?

You sign up to 1 month at a time – there are no long term commitments, you can cancel at any time very easily through the website, emailing membership@thesuccesstribe.co or cancelling your PayPal payment.

How often is training released?

There are new training masterclasses launched each month within the VIP tribe.

Why The Success Tribe?

I have worked in business start ups and sales for my entire career, seeing the struggles and challenges we face in business and experiencing blocks and fears first hand I know what it is like to have a business and hold yourself back massively, I made a vow with myself and the world, to do as much as I can to help as many other women as possible overcome these fears and show up in the world as the true best possible version of themselves. Everything I put together is for you, I am constantly asking for feedback and creating changes to enable the best possible experience for you. I have been there, I have done it all and I know what helped me get through it.

What if I am in a different time zone to you?

The members we have in the Tribe are all over the world, all of the training will be available on the success platform to access at anytime afterwards so you cannot miss a thing.

Why is the price in $?

The price is in $ as the membership is international.

Other Resources… 

“I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.”

– Maya Angelou