What do you do on a Monday to motivate yourself to take massive action in your business and life?

I have 3 steps I take whenever I feel like I need to get back onto my game! 

1. Firstly I head over the YouTube and listen to some motivational clips.

Will Smith is a huge inspiration of mine! Whenever I feel as though I have lost direction and need a get up and go, he is my go to man! There are so so many of his amazing motivational inspirational talks on Youtube, here is one of my favourites!

You can find my full playlist by CLICKING HERE




2. Next, I find myself on Pinterest fishing for some motivational inspiring images with pretty quotes to share that I know will make me feel better and light up someone else’s day too, sharing onto Instagram and Facebook once I have found my favourite for the day. You can find my Pinterest board with some lovely pretty and inspiring pictures by CLICKING HERE.

3. Then I go and find someone who I can help. Some value I can provide somewhere and someone who is reaching out and asking for support, or someone who has shared something on their social media to look for words of encouragement.

I usually find this in my group which you can find by CLICKING HERE

There are so many women looking for words of encouragement and looking for support and you can go and find them and help them. Wouldn’t that brighten your day?

I would love to hear what you do to get yourself motivated, comment below and share with us!

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