What is Her Success Tribe?


Her Success Tribe is a monthly membership for female entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next steps to creating huge success online and offline in business and life.


For women who want to connect with each other, to work together to create huge shifts in life and in business. Working on the all important mindset work to the marketing plans and creating websites.


Her Success Tribe is for women who are working in businesses that are striving to impact the world and the lives of others. Businesses that are centred from the heart, and are made with true love.


We are working together to connect women across the globe online and offline, creating impact through our entrepreneurism and are getting ready to step up and be fearless!

The Membership

What’s included?




In Her Success Tribe we have a Success Platform that is the virtual platform, a full break down of the membership includes:

  • Virtual Success Platform

  • Members only facebook group with live streams from offline events

  • Monthly Masterclasses with guest experts ranging from setting up a website and creating graphics to attracting your dream clients and much more!

  • Monthly Group coaching calls via zoom

  • Coaching Partner Pairing to hold you accountable (optional)

  • Challenges ran ongoing to keep you motivated for success

  • Every 3 months a live goal setting and planning workshop to keep on track

  • Business Directory to connect with all other members

  • Media Listings – discover guest blog, podcast and Youtube opportunities


We also recognise that it can still get lonely having an online business and sometimes just that human connection once a month over a large glass of wine or a good coffee is what keeps us going…

  • Monthly networking events which are completely relaxed and informal

  • Live events with guest speakers and experts throughout the year

  • Christmas party in style!! Because we all know as female entrepreneurs who mainly work alone this is a MUST!

  • As a member you can attend all of the events in any location

How did it all happen?


Hi, I am Rebecca Lockwood and I founded Her Success Tribe mid 2017. I have worked in the corporate world, I have been self employed and I set up my very first failure of a business at just 17! I successfully built sales teams for large companies and found myself lost in all of the male dominated workplaces…


At 22 I watched The Apprentice on TV and when I watched Leah Totton win at 22, I knew I too had to take some massive action. I went into work the next day and called a meeting with my boss, told them I am leaving to set up a business. I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew that I had to make it work!


I had no money, I had no business idea and I had bills to pay…. So I took a leap and decided to pay one of my bills late. I took £100 to a wholesalers and I bought some gloves and scarves and a pink storage box. I then did what I knew best and took the box door knocking selling the scarves and gloves quadrupling my money within the week.


I knew I had to take more action and so I then went back with the money and bought higher valued items like dresses and handbags.


On October 29th 2013 Recoco Woman was born and we held our first ever Recoco home shopping party.


Fast forward a year and I had my daughter. I won loads of business awards, the business was set for HUGE growth with a plan to turn over a whopping £864k in my 5th year of business.


I won the Jacqueline Gold business award, I was on the biggest growth accelerator in the world ran by Natwest and RBS, I was approached to go on Dragons Den and things on the outside looked as though they were going pretty amazing… but on the inside I was deeply unhappy and in August 2016 I closed the business.


It was the hardest decision I have EVER made in my life.


I went back to a corporate job and within a month I was back running sales teams again without even intending to lead.


I began to search for my own training and stumbled across NLP – Neuro Lingustic Programming. How to achieve excellence in anything you do.


I trained as an NLP Coach, Practitioner and Time Line Therapist and the only was I can describe the experience was as though I woke up the next morning and my whole life became colourful, the shift I experienced was epic and I knew in that moment that I had to help as many other women experience this as physically possible.


I realised that I had not closed the business Recoco because I didn’t want the business, I had closed it because I lacked the belief in myself to be able to grow it. I didn’t think I was worthy of success and I didn’t feel good enough.


How crazy is that!


I didn’t even know it! I realised that so many other women must also be living their lives this way too!


I made a pact with myself, to help impact the lives of as many other women as I can physically reach and that is when I started an online coaching business.


Working from home at first was new and exciting but within a few months I felt desperately lost and lonely. At one point I actually went for 2 whole weeks without leaving the apartment, and I longed for a reason just to put on a dress or some skinny jeans and some lippy….


I love working with my clients across the globe and connecting virtually with other female entrepreneurs but I missed getting out side, and started to feel suffocated and trapped. I knew I had to do something! I quickly made the decision to launch Her Success Tribe, and here we are! Building a global Tribe of women to connect, create huge impact and to step up and be fearless!