The Top 5 Tech Resources EVERY Female Entrepreneur should be using for her online business to get the very best out of what she does!

Honestly I would not be able to run my business without these resources!

So, if you are not already using these AWESOME tools, make sure you start!

I do use these accounts myself and use them EVERY DAY so I am not BSing you when I say – YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE!

When I started out in business there was so much out there that I just did not know which way to turn, it was completely overwhelming and ended up costing me a fortune in tech I really didn’t need or just couldn’t work out how to use!

What resources to use for what and where to even start!

So that is why I have created this bad boy post to help you get clear on exactly what you need to be using in your business to get the very best out of what you do online, and your productivity!

1.Lead Pages

Create simple easy sales and landing pages that you can build your email list from. There are so many things about lead pages that I love, the ease of being able to direct to pages once you have signed up to an email list, the integration with your email list to ensure it is all automated and the price tag!

2. Calendar Scheduling software 10to8

EVERYONE who I have recommend this software to has actually sent me a message afterwards telling me how amazing it is! You can even set up scheduled text message reminders for your appointments and link payment options up too!

3. Zoom

Most of you within the community will know that I use zoom for EVERYTHING! All my calls, all my webinars, trainng, to record my training and even to record my podcasts!

4. Planoly 

How convenient is it to have your phone remind you when to schedule your Instagram?! This seriously helped me up my Insta game and will help you too!

5. MailChimp

There are so many mail providers out there how do we know where to go first? Which one to use and where to even start!? I highly recommend Mailchimp – it is simple, easy to use and is more that sufficient for someone just starting out online!

What are your go to resources that I haven’t mentioned?

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