Our top 10 favourite Christmas Present gift ideas for Female Entrepreneurs!! OR for yourself for Christmas 2017 😉

Is it ok for me to say “Merry Christmas” Yet?! I’m not sure at what point it becomes acceptable, but hey, I’ve said it now anyway!

On that same note, when does everyone put up their Christmas tree?

With a 2 year old in the house I am hoping we can start putting it up earlier and earlier! I’m getting excited already! Or what about lights?! Do you colour code or just go with whatever you have available?

I would LOVE to know! haha.

OK, OK, Back on track, this was so hard to pick, but I must say that I would LOVE to receive ALL of these items as gifts this year and would be super duper happy if they were all in my stocking! Hint, Hint….haha

But seriously, these are my top Christmas picks for female boss babes rocking it hard!

We’ve partnered up with some of the brands and so you can click on any of the images for the full product details & to buy.


Our top 10 favourite Christmas Present gift ideas for Female Entrepreneurs!!

1. De’Longhi Traditional Pump Espresso Coffee Machine

What girl wouldn’t….. Personally this I think (she whispers) could be my fave….. just because I am a massive coffee lover!!! (coughs….addict).. BUT there is nothing worse than the pod ones for me. Being gluten AND dairy free (as much as I possibly can!) it’s a nightmare and I always feel excluded when it comes to the pod ones…as they ALL contain dairy!!! The thing I LOVE about this one, is that you can make the full shebang yourself with WHATEVER milk, soya, lactose free dairy whatever you want!!! So this is a big winner for me!

2. PINK Portable Charger Power Bank

Being a massive phone feane my battery dies super fast! I am sure you get me when I say in the morning it’s full and then by dinner time I’m having to find a charger. A big part of it is being able to do so much of my work from my phone these days! There is nothing worse than being out and about working, networking, on appointments and worrying about the phone dying! And god forbid if we couldn’t reply to a message immediately or even worse….take a picture of lunch to post toInstagram right!? This is a really REALLY great present because it is super cheap – being under £10 and I am sure you will agree – to the boss babe, it is priceless!

3. Laptop Carrying Case 

We are all busy being massive action takers, out and about all of the time and taking massive action consistently! Being location independent and working from wherever we desire is a great part of the way the world is going in our communities, we’ve all seen it! And so we all need good protection for our computers we are carting around the place! I love this stylish sleeve perfect to slip your laptop and notebook into and keep your sh!t together!

4. Laptop Sleeve

Same goes for above, super easy, super stylish and protects the precious laptop from getting bumps and scratched! I’m a huge fan!

5. CEO of My Own Life ® Planner

OMG…But have you seen it though?! I have mine in the post on the way to me as we speak and I really cannot rave about this more! Click on the image that takes you to the website for the FULL product info and images – it is a beaut! Talk about keeping your shizzle together…

6. “Time Is Now” Bracelet

I love this, from Ella Iconic too. You have probably heard me saying this quite a fair bit! The time is now. I am a big believer that we decide each and every day that our time is now and what better way to remind ourselves than to wear it on our wrists!

7. Unicorns Are Real Notebook

Must I say anything at all….. We can NEVER have enough notebooks! Especially pink ones….especially ones that have a unicorn on them!! SOLD!

8. Pink Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

ARGH, There is nothing worse than cramp when you are working on the computer! Well….how about giving your arm a rest! TADA!! Haha, LOVE IT! Right?! Are you with me?! We are all massive workaholics I know! And so what better way to treat yourself than to give your arm a good rest whilst it’s hard at work… lol – perfect present!


Have you seen it!!?? What would you get written on it?! I would go with “I am a badass” or “Take Massive Action” oh, oh, wait, what about “Getting your shizzle together” I may have to get myself a few different ones. I am getting carried away here, focus Rebecca! This is a blog about gifts for OTHERS not for myself! Dammit…. But seriously, this is the ultimate gift for the female entrepreneurs! I am sure you all agree!?

10. Feather Pen

What girl wouldn’t?! I would feel super special writing away with one of these in my journal!

Christmas gift guide for boss babes

That’s a bloody good list right?

Which is your favourite?

Share with us in the comments!! Share with your tribe on social to give them a good hint too!

😉 <3